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Greetings! Welcome to Scene It, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Angel the Series award site dedicated to recognizing and showing our appreciation to our fellow Role Players.

we wish to provide a fun, light-hearted haven where 'Scenes' take top priority. We'd like to show off the best part of RPing, which would be the interaction between you and your fellow cast mates. No one person could enjoy Role Playing as much on their own, so now it's time to show our love for the amazing writing and plots that are out their in RP land.

Each week, a different scene will be up for nominations. May it be 'Most Romantic Scene' or 'Most Comedic'. After a week of nominations, voting will be put up along with the opportunity to nominate for the following weeks Scene. Also, a breakdown of the voting WILL BE AVAILABLE along with the results. I know a few people enjoy seeing the numerical difference of a voting outcome, but names will not be included in this breakdown. Strictly numbers.

We are adding character nominations. Some weeks may have them others may not. Since this is an award site for scenes that is still going to be the top priority. So we will see what happens.

Nominate wisely, and please, leave all drama at the door. We're here to have fun.

Thank you for joining, and don't forget to read over the rules.

~The mods of Scene It

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THE RULES TO FOLLOW OR...ELSE! (a bit much?)

1. All Active LiveJournal and GreatersJournal RPGs are up for nomination.
2. Seeing how threads can involve quite a few characters, you are free to nominate for a thread you have been a part of. But, you MAY NOT vote for the thread. (You may be part of every thread that is up for nomination, vote for any...EXCEPT the one YOU nominated.
3. We the mods (their are two of us) must obide by the same rules of voting stated in #2. No exceptions.
4. This should really be number one, but again, we ask for a drama free environment here. It's all in fun, and if you take this too seriously and stoop down to a level when cheating becomes an issue then please do us all a favor and remove yourself from the group before one of the mods do it for you.
5. If you have concerns about the voting, please, we ask you to contact a mod and express your concerns with one of us before calling someone out on the community journal.
6. Above all else, have fun.

If any of this is not clear, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact one of the following mods: sceneit_mods (1 underscore), sceneit__mods (2 underscores)

Below are the ideas so far for the weekly nominations.
Most Comedic Scene
Best Verbal Sparing Scene
Best 'Friends' Scene
Most Awkward Moment
Most Romantic Scene (Non-Sexual)
Best Angsty Scene
Best Sex Scene
Best Large Scale Fight Scene
Best Small Scale Fight Scene
Best Non-Canon Ship Scene
Best Canon Ship Scene
Best OC Ship Scene (One or both parties has to be an OC)
Best Tear Jerker Scene
Scariest Scene
Sweetest Scene
Darkest Scene
Best 'Confession' Scene [May it be confessing love or just the truth about...something]
Best Slayer'n'Watcher Scene
Best Siring Scene
Best Death Scene (Non-Siring)
Best Slash-Ship Scene
Best Monologue
Best Plot Twist
Best Resurrection Scene

Have a nomination Idea that you don't see on the list? Contact a mod! (tired of hearing that yet?)