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Time to vote!

Just as a review, remember, vote for one and only one of the following scenes. If you nominated it AND you are a part of it you may not vote for it. However, if you nominated it and are NOT part of it you can vote for it. Clear? Good! Happy reading, and good luck to all.

From just_heros, savvy_slayer and oneeyed_zeppo in Fun...with pizza!

From flowers_n_cages, _wes_pryce_ and divinecordelia in A snarky food-fight (Continues here)

From angel_afterlife, big_pile_o_dust and xxcordeliaxx, call_me_gunn and dis_harmony in Harmony...enough said.

From fallen_watchers, _wes_pryce_ and _rupert_giles in When Watchers wed... (Continues here)

From Lamia, Xander, Buffy and Willow in A very caffienated Xander and a secret.

From _we_happy_few_, dawn_thekey and savvy_slayer in Chocolaty Goodness

Voting ends the 21st

~Scene It Co-mod

PS: Nominations for the next round will be up shortly.
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